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monoyono | health · beauty 

monoyono is an inspirational boutique operating independently in Hong Kong territory. We uphold the vision of providing a unique, comfortable, personal, and lively experience. Our team believes that even the moments of choosing a gift to your beloved ones or even yourself are precious. And by selecting the products, the happiness and inspirations can be spread from here and out. The underlying meaning of MONOYONO is ‘My One N Only, Your One N Only.’ Thanks to the advancement in nowadays technology, we can simply spot a handy present by clicking and scanning on our smartphones. Nevertheless, for the well-prepared people, they will select the most elegant and useful present for their important ones. monoyono (HK) is under the supervision of Easy Links Management Ltd. The business was started out at the year-end of 2017. With the gift shops and beauty brands, we are now expanding the number of departmental outlets in Hong Kong, including the conspicuous revitalization project of Nan Fung Cotton Mills cooperated by the Hong Kong government, Lee Garden III which is in the heart of the Hong Kong Island and LCX located in Tsim Sha Tsui commercial centre. And we have decided to expand our business in 2021 by establishing the department of health · beauty, which will be focusing on the development of health and beauty brands. The first store of monoyono | health · beauty has been opened in LCX mall Shop 20B since 23rd June 2021. Our consignment brands come from all around the world,including CHU Aromatherapy from Taiwan, Grace Cole from England, Luxcear from Japan, SAWAA from Taiwan and PIBU PIBU from Korea.

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