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The Mettler soap factory was founded in 1929 in Hornussen, Switzerland by Gotthilf Mettler. Its aim was to develop and produce high quality soaps for both the private and medical sectors. Body care products and disinfectants were developed and produced later. The company’s star product is undoubtedly its plant-based glycerin soap, which, with its high glycerin content, hydrates and sanitizes gently. Now, even after more than 80 years, the glycerin soap is still handmade in Hornussen and exported all over the world. The oldest Swiss soap factory has become a full-fledged cosmetics company, with its own development and production sites which are both based in Hornussen. In addition to soaps and body care products, Mettler also develops high-quality, natural skincare products for the face and hair that are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. In addition to “Mettler 1929”, which is its own brand mainly containing vegan formulas, Mettler also develops and produces product ranges for other Swiss and international companies – always with its focus on nature and ensuring that their products are suitable for all skin types. Mettler is 100% Swiss.

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01/05/2018 - 31/05/2018

Mettler 1929 landed in LCX!

To celebrate Mettler 1929 just landed in LCX, we are delighted to offer 15% off for purchase of any Mettler 1929 items.

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